• What causes discolouration of a tooth?
    Discolouration of the teeth is part and parcel of the ageing process. Just like every other body part, enamel of the tooth also wears down, giving the teeth a dull appearance. Discolouration is also a side effect of long term use of smoking, incessant consumption of coffee or tea. Other reasons for discolouration include the use of medication, especially antibiotics, genetic makeup etc. Teeth whitening and dental veneers/crowns are an ideal solution to this problem of discoloured or dull looking teeth.
  • What is Teeth Whitening?
    In case you want a brighter smile on your face, we have got that covered for you. Our specialists at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center would love to help you with a wide variety of teeth whitening kits. Which gives you up to 2 or 3 shades whiter teeth instantly.
  • What are the side effects associated with teeth whitening?
    For the purposes of whitening teeth, usually, a protective gel or rubber shield is relied on to prevent the bleaching agent used from harming the gums. Dentists are also required to adopt all protective and preventive measures to ensure that any discomfort experienced during teeth whitening process is as minimal as possible. Only the most common bleaching agents are relied upon by the dentists keeping in mind the patients' comfort. However, there is a minimalistic amount of teeth sensitivity which is inevitable after the procedure, but it will only be for a short duration.
  • What is Hollywood Smile Makeover and Digital Smile Design?

    Hollywood Smile is considered to be a total smile makeover which would allow your face as well as your teeth to look attractive at any time of the day. Different factors considered in this are :Your Tooth Color, Missing Teeth, Alignment, Tooth Shape, Gum Balance as well as Face Shape.

    Treatment basically involves your front teeth that are visible in your smile line (upper-10 and lower-8 teeth), which are prepared to receive veneers or highly aesthetic zirconia E-max crowns which are milled through advanced CAD-CAM technology. Hence, you end up getting perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth.

    Smile experts at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center has mastered the art of Digital Smile Design which enables us to give you the breath taking smile line with help of most digitalised technology in a comfortable way.

  • What are the options you have for straightening teeth?
    Braces are the first thing many people think of when they consider getting their teeth straightened. But braces have come a long way with a choice now available of classic metal and clear styles, braces that adhere to the inner surface of the teeth, colourful options, even “invisible” braces like invisalign.
  • What age is best for starting the teeth straightening treatment?
    Basically you must be thinking braces are not for me, cause you have seen many kids wearing braces and not much adults. That's a wrong info actually.
  • Why teeth straightening?
    The main reason most people want to straighten their teeth is so that they can have confidence in their smile. However, having orthodontic treatment can also improve your bite, reduce tooth wear, help with dental hygiene, and in some cases may also be part of the solution to sleep apnoea. Ignoring problems related to your teeth and bite may seem convenient, but the treatment needed to fix your concerns may be more simple than you think.
    Once we take our records, we create a unique treatment plan for you. Once it's done we will start with the treatment. Everyone deserve a great smile and everyone should be able to enjoy their food properly.
  • When should my child first visit the dentist?

    The first visit of the child to the dental clinic is really crucial. During the first visit, the pedodontist meets your child, monitors your child's mouth and casually introduces the aspect of oral health and hygiene.

    Pedodontists at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center suggest that it is advisable for your child to visit the dentist when the first tooth appears or none later than his/her first birthday.

  • Are baby teeth really that important to my child?
    Baby teeth play a major role and are considered to be really important for your child for many reasons :
    * Help your children in speech
    * Determine the face structure of your child
    * Help in the growth of your child's jaw
    * Maintain a certain space for permanent teeth in the near future
  • Why do children need fluoride?

    Bacteria in the mouth has the potential to combine with the sugar and produce acid that can prove harmful to the tooth enamel and damage the teeth of your children. One of the best preventive measures that could prevent the damage is the utilisation of fluoride. Fluoride holds the potential to remineralise the tooth enamel and plays a major role in making the teeth stronger and resistant to cavities. Additionally, it is really helpful in white spot lesion treatment.

    Pedodontist at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center can apply fluoride gel/varnish all over your child's teeth and coat them which would prevent them from decay and make their teeth even stronger and resistant to cavities.

  • Are root canals for baby teeth necessary?

    Root canal for children, also known as PULPECTOMY, is considered to stand really important and one of the most common treatments performed on the teeth of your child. Baby teeth are considered to be really important to the health as well as the development of your child. Hence, it is really necessary to save your baby's natural teeth by performing a root canal.

    It is really important for you to note down that if the milk teeth remain untreated for a while, then it could lead to infection in the permanent teeth as well as permanent jaws.

    Pedodontists at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center perform PULPECTOMY if your child has damaged teeth due to a cavity or any other reasons. PULPECTOMY is performed on your child in order to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and replace it with a medicated filling material.

  • What should I do if my child falls and knocks out a permanent tooth?
    First and foremost, you need to remain calm and preserve the teeth in the baby's mouth as saliva is considered to be the best preservative. Otherwise, all you need to do is to dip the tooth in a glass of milk and visit a Pedodontist as soon as possible.A pedodontist is perfectly equipped to place it back in the socket safely. After all, your child must never lose his/her natural teeth.
  • My child has special healthcare needs. Can his/her dental treatment be done safely?
    A lot of children in the entire world have some special healthcare needs. Hence, it is absolutely crucial to be absolutely careful while treating them.
    Pedodontists at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center are dedicated to providing your child with comprehensive dental care. Our Pedodontists are absolutely skilled and hold expertise in behaviour management and are also experts in dealing with the psychology of your child. Your child is a GEM for you as well as us. Hence, we will perform a step-by-step procedure which would ensure the safety of the child. Together, we are totally able to develop a plan which would fit the precise needs of your child.
  • What are space maintainers?
    If your child has lost his/her milk teeth before time either due to decay or accidentally, then you must consider putting a space maintainer. It helps prevent misalignment of teeth in future. A space maintainer is simply an appliance which is custom-made in a metal or acrylic material by our professionals labs at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center. It can either be removable or fixed and is easily cemented on your child's teeth hence, allowing the permanent teeth to come into correct space.
  • My child faces some feeding issues due to tongue/lip tie. What must I do?
    Tongue tie or ankyloglossia takes place when there is an occurrence of an abnormal band of thick tissue holding your tongue to the floor of mouth thus, restricting its free movement.
    When you lift the upper lip and find out the band of connective tissue to be tight, ultimately leading the gums to turn white, it is a lip tie problem. It can cause speech difficulties and air ingestion while infant is feeding.
    In case of a tongue or a lip tie, we would recommend you to visit us with your child instantly. Either laser treatment or manually our specialist can eliminate the problem. Procedure is considered to be almost painless with very little bleeding, if any. Your child may feed immediately after the procedure.
  • Is it really so important to place a crown on my child's tooth after the conclusion of the treatment?
    Do you know that the enamel of your baby's milk teeth is much weaker than that of permanent teeth? Moreover, after the pulpectomy or dental treatments it becomes even more chalky and brittle. With increasing diet and sport activities it is a mandatory to cap your baby’s teeth with a crown which can either be metal one or tooth-coloured. Adding on, it stands really crucial to place a crown because it will not only save the decayed tooth but also prevent the spread of the decay or the infection.
  • What are the habit breaking appliances?
    Does your child practice any unhealthy habit which could drastically affect the growth? Some kinds of unhealthy habits could play a major role in affecting the growth pattern of the jaw as well as could also possibly ruin the child's teeth alignment leading to jetting out and protruding teeth. To prevent invasive orthodontic braces and painful extractions in future,it is crucial for us to eliminate their unhealthy habits within time.
    Our experts at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center have variety of treatments and Habit Breaking Appliances like tongue crib, oral screen etc. to stop these debilating habits within few months.

  • I am worried that my child's baby teeth are not falling. Can you tell me what the problem is?
    Did you know that some kids lose their first tooth before the age of six years or at a maximum of 7 years?
    However, it's crucial to understand that if you do not see your baby's teeth fall out in time, it is now time for you to take a look in his/her mouth. According to our experts, if you are witnessing a new tooth occurring up behind the milk teeth, you need to get them extracted before it leads to certain misalignment or a crooked smile.
  • What is a dental crown?
    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth -- to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. Dental crown cover all surfaces of the tooth. Unlike dental veneers dental crowns increases the strength of the tooth. But the reduction of tooth structure is more in case of dental crown.
  • How many teeth can you replace with dental implants?

    You can get a single and/or multiple teeth replaced in your mouth with dental implants by our experts at MK Dental Spa & Implant Center.Alongside, you also hold the option to replace all of the teeth in your mouth with the help of full mouth dental implants.
    You can get dental implants done in a single visit or dual visit procedure.With the help of the latest technology equipped by us, we can fix you up with permanent teeth within three days, hence it is called Immediate implant procedure.

  • Are implants expensive?
    Have you ever spent a large amount of your hard earned bucks on mobile phones or any other luxurious item? Which you may replace in few years! Well, let me tell you that your health is your first priority. We think its ok to spend large bucks on various technologies or different items in the market, instead on a dental implant which is going to be a part of your body for a lifetime. Think it over!you could always go ahead and see a smile back on your face.
    MK Dental Spa & Implant Centerequips different brands of implants suitable for the budget of our patients.
  • Is the procedure painful?
    This question pops up in the mind of most every patient. When the procedure is performed by our experienced implantologist, most dental implants are very practical to perform, taking only 10-15 minutes to do the surgical part of the procedure. However, complex cases take a little more time.
    Most implants are undertaken through a standard dental local anaesthetic. Though the local anaesthetic injections may cause a little sting, once the patient is numb, they will not feel anything sharp or painful throughout the treatment making it very enduring. We believe in procedures which are totally painless to our patients hence we practice painless injection techniques in order to make the procedure absolutely comfortable for the patients.
    Along with that, MK Dental Spa & Implant Center equip laughing gas sedation which is considered to be really helpful in anxious patients and will reduce pain as well.
  • Can implants be helpful with dentures?
    Do you dread dentures due to the difficulty in wearing and its effect on all aspects of life.Are you struggling with a rocky and misfit denture? Then, you should know complete dentures can be placed over implants as well. It is considered as an fantastic dental transformation giving a more permanent solution. Thus, few implants can be placed and an entire denture can be supported over them known as Overdenture and ball and socket denture etc. Implant supported dentures are considered to be a permanent solution.
  • When is the best time to visit India?
    India is particularly famous for its rich diversity as well as its rich history and culture. The best time to visit India would be considered during the spring and winters. You would be amazed to feel the fresh cold breeze flowing through your veins in winter (October-january). Words can't describe how awesome you would be feeling during these months of festivity. Additionally, you would witness a totally surprising environment during the spring season as well which is frommid February to mid April. It is usually pleasant in months of rainfall too starting from june to august.

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